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I want to feel a deep,

genuine love for myself.

“I genuinely don't want to rely on medications or supplements,
but consistently being mindful of my daily diet is challenging.
In the end, I don't know what I should be taking.”

If this resonates with you, we have a story we'd like to share.


Care with Eastern philosophy.

More than 93% of people*

experience the effects.

*Based on a company survey from March to August 2023.

"First time I've felt such a noticeable effect."


I wonder what I had been trying all these years with other supplements.
Honestly, I used to think these things might be just a placebo. However, since taking HANATSUBAME, my skin has become more beautiful.

" Stopped going to the beauty clinic."


I used to visit the beauty clinic regularly for the past few years, but since I started taking HANATSUBAME daily, I don’t need to go.  
I've received more compliments on my skin than ever!

"Clear skin in the morning."


A few days after starting to consume HANATSUBAME, I looked at my freshly washed face in the morning. I was surprised! My skin has become fairer and more transparent! 
I love myself in my mid-30s more than in my 20s!

"Perfect for me after childbirth."


With a 1-year-old child, I don't have much time to myself, but I eat HANATSUBAME every day because it's easy to take. After childbirth, my body started to feel energised again. 

"Mom, you look beautiful."


A week after I started eating HANATSUBAME, my child said, "Mom, you look beautiful." Children are honest, so I realised it wasn't just my imagination. I want to give it as a gift to my friends too!

"No need for a concealer."


I've been concerned about acne since my 20s and always used concealers. 
Now I don't need to use it anymore. I wish I found HANATSUBAME earlier!

※These messages above are feedback from individuals. 


You are what you eat.

HANATSUBAME is a stick-type beauty jelly that combines the Eastern superfood of edible bird's nest and the beauty-enhancing camellia seeds.

The nests of swiftlets, which inhabit Southeast Asia, have been cherished as a precious and rare ingredient in Japanese and Asian cuisine for a long time.
HANATSUBAME's beauty effects are outstanding, with over 93% of people experiencing its benefits. *Based on a company survey from March to August 2023.
Why are the effectsso significant?


The answer is HANATSBAME is food

Our bodies are made up of what we eat.
It's a simple fact that we often take for granted.
Without high-quality ingredients to build our bodies, we cannot achieve health and beauty.
The health of our inner body and the beauty of our outer appearance are fundamentally the same. 

HANATSUBAME contains many beneficial ingredients, and all materials are carefully selected, body-friendly foods.
HANATSUBAME delivers beauty benefits rapidly and becomes a part of your body, supporting your health from its foundation.

Hello and welcome to



Energy Philosophy 


In Japan, there is a philosophy known as "Energy Philosophy," rooted in Eastern philosophy.
It is said that "invisible states of energy create visible forms" in Energy Philosophy. This is the same as the invisible inner state of the body, making up the visible outer skin and hair.

In Energy Philosophy, it is said that "whether you care from the visible or invisible side, the necessary part will always receive the care. "
This Eastern philosophy is the way we approach health and beauty.

Consuming HANATSUBAME for beauty contributes to the health of your body. 
Similarly, consuming HANATSUBAME for health benefits enhances the beauty of your skin and hair.


If you want to have beautiful skin, are concerned about changes in your hair, get tired quickly, or want to improve allergies, etc.
If you have a problem or dissatisfaction with your body, HANATSUBAME will be helpful for you.


HANATSUBAME: the pursuit of excellence


Edible bird’s nest

Edible bird’s nests contain a rich amount of sialic acid, an essential immune system component. The quantity is approximately 200 times more than that found in royal jelly.

*HANATSUBAME is a beauty jelly which contains 17mg of sialic acid per 1g of edible bird's nest extract, the world’s highest concentration of sialic acid*. (*Based on our research).

Sialic acid is one of the materials that make up the " Sugar chains," which facilitate smooth communication between cells. Sugar chains on cell surfaces convey defence information to other cells.
As we age, sugar chains are said to decrease.
Restoring substances like sialic acid in sugar chains is essential for maintaining body functions.


Through glycans, cells communicate with each other and protect the body from external threats. While it is essential to take beneficial substances into the body, the ability to eliminate harmful substances is equally crucial.
It's the same thing for both health and beauty.

Glycans are essential components that protect our bodies from unwanted substances.


HANATSUBAME contains 7* out of 8 Sugar chains components, including sialic acid.
The remaining component can be obtained from your daily diet, so consuming HANATSUBAME allows you to take in all the necessary materials for glycans.


Edible bird’s nest × camellia seeds

EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) in edible bird's nests promotes the production of new cells in the epidermis. FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) from camellia seeds promotes the production of new cells in the dermis.
The combination of edible bird's nest and camellia seeds enhances the ability to generate cells not only on the surface of the skin but also from within, which is expected to lead to a fundamental improvement in skin quality.
Moreover, it is said that EGF is essential for the hair growth cycle, which is expected to contribute to abundant hair growth. 


We do not use cheap materials 

The sweetness of HANATSUBAME comes from carob syrup and isomalt-oligosaccharides. Carob syrup is derived from the superfood locust bean, while isomalt-oligosaccharides are made from plant-based starch.
We do not use cheap and highly addictive sugars or artificial sweeteners.
In addition, carob syrup and isomalt-oligosaccharide are low-GI foods that raise blood sugar levels slowly. These can be expected to suppress the accumulation of body fat.

We use plant-based agar and konjac to solidify the jelly. These are traditional Japanese foods that are non-caloric and are expected to improve intestinal health and prevent constipation and obesity.


You are what you eat.
No use of cheap materials
HANATSUBAME is a beauty jelly made with care and attention to every detail.



No matter how effective it is, if it's not delicious, we wouldn't want to eat it. 
We eat it every day; we focus on its taste.
The natural sweetness of carob syrup and the refreshing flavour of pineapple juice. 
The smooth melting texture. 
We are confident that people who pay attention to the quality of their food choices will enjoy it.

The nutrients in HANATSUBAME

Children to adults can safely consume it because it is food.
Stress is a significant adversary to both health and beauty. 
We believe it can effectively contribute to your health and beauty because you can consume it without the stress of your mind and body.

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アセット 15_4x-8.png
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アセット 13_4x-8.png
アセット 2_4x-8.png

Embrace maturity, not immaturity
Seek the beauty of being mature

I don't pursue forced anti-ageing
Because 'now' is when I am most beautiful

アセット 14_4x-8.png
アセット 16_4x-8.png

Being beautiful is natural
use I'm doing my best


Edible bird’s nest

Powerful support for health and beauty
Active ingredients: Sialic acid, EGF
Benefits: enhanced immune function, improved brain function, reduced allergies, antiviral properties, skin regeneration
※EGF: Epidermal Growth Factor


Fish collagen

Preserving proteins in the body
Active ingredient: Collagen peptides
Benefits: improved hydration, repair of skin damage caused by UV


Enhancing the skin's barrier function
Active ingredient: Ceramides
Benefits: skin hydration, improvement of atopic dermatitis

Pine ceramide


Plant-derived natural sweetener. Supports the intestinal environment 
Active ingredient: Isomalto-oligosaccharide
Benefits: promotion of Bifidobacterium growth, relieving constipation




Traditional Japanese food made from Konjac yam. Zero calories.
Active ingredient: Glucomannan
Benefits: improved hydration, intestinal function support, relieving constipation, prevention of obesity


Camellia seeds

Edible Bird’s Nest extract works on the outer layer of the skin, while camellia seed extract works on the inner layer, promoting the regeneration of new skin
Active ingredient: FGF
Benefits: enhanced production of collagen and hyaluronic acid
※FGF: FibroblastGrowth Factor


Providing elasticity to the skin and blood vessels
Active ingredient: Hyaluronic acid
Benefits: improved hydration

Hyaluronic acid


Natural sweetener made from the carob bean. Low glycemic index food
Active ingredient: Carob
Benefits: blood sugar level improvement, liver function improvement

Carob syrup


Traditional Japanese food made from seaweed. Zero calories.
Active ingredient: Agar
Benefits: improved hydration, intestinal function support, relieving constipation, prevention of obesity



Supports collagen absorption
Active ingredient: Citric acid
Benefits: fatigue recovery, skin rejuvenation

Citric acid


For the dedicated you

List of ingredients: Carob syrup , Isomaltooligosaccharide , Fish collagen peptide (including gelatin) , Pineapple juice , Dextrin  , Agar , Glucomannan , Edible bird's nest extract , Camellia seed extract , Pineapple fruit extract (containing ceramides) , Citric acid , Flavouring , Hyaluronic acid , Cyclodextrin

These ingredients are not used in our product.





colouring agents


・Please check the ingredients and refrain from consuming them if you have any allergies or sensitivities.
・If you are currently under medical treatment, taking medication, pregnant, or breastfeeding, please consult your physician before consumption.
・This product is a food, not a pharmaceutical product.
・This product does not guarantee the improvement or cure of any diseases or conditions.
・The effects and benefits indicated for this product may vary among individuals.
・Due to using natural ingredients; there may be rare individual variations in taste, texture, colour, and other attributes. However, this does not affect the quality of the product.
・Please consume immediately after opening
・If children or elderly individuals are consuming this product, please ensure they do so under the supervision of a guardian.
・Please store the product out of reach of infants and children.
・Please be careful as the contents may scatter when opening the package.
・Do not swallow the jelly; please chew it slowly before consuming it.
・Please be careful not to injure yourself on the edge of the jelly film. 
・Handle the jelly box with care to avoid injury.

HANATSUBAME is manufactured and managed in domestic factories in Japan.

アセット 2_4x-8_edited.png


"This is the first time we've created such an expensive beauty jelly," a statement from the company involved in developing HANATSUBAME. 
Products committed to high-quality ingredients inevitably come with a higher price.
However, it can't be excessively expensive. 
After three years of planning, we've made it affordable, equivalent to a cup of coffee per day.

HANATSUBAME is a beauty jelly company in Tokyo, Japan. 
We combine the benefits of Eastern superfoods like edible bird's nests and the beauty-enhancing camellia seeds to support your beauty and health.
HANATSUBAME Inc. is a team of health-conscious people who are passionate about beauty. 
Over the years, we've tried numerous protein and supplement products, including organic and vegetarian options from domestic and international markets. 
We've found that the key to our well-being ultimately lies in the food we eat.

Food is what builds our bodies. 
Trying to cook at home as much as possible, reduce intake of additives, and pay attention to the balance of carbohydrates and fats is easier said than done. 
Knowing it is one thing, but doing it is pretty challenging. It could be a source of stress

As we age, we start to notice changes in our appearance. However, it's impossible to remain young forever. 
So, do we need to force ourselves to be anti-ageing? We don't believe that's the answer.
The years we've spent are the years we've worked hard for. 
Deep down, we believe nobody wants to deny that. 
In truth, we genuinely want to love ourselves as we are now.

In life, there's only the 'now.'
The 40s spent yearning to return to the 30s.
The 50s spent yearning to return to the 40s.
Where is your 'now'?

Your beauty is in the 'now.'
Unleash your maximum potential in the 'now.'
We believe HANATSUBAME can assist you.



"This is my charm."


It's my charm for the changing seasons. I feel cared from within. 
It's perfect because I want to care for myself through food, not just cosmetics. 

※These messages above are feedback from individuals. 


We offer wholesale sales to our overseas customers.  If you wish to engage in business with us, please contact us using the contact form. We also accommodate small orders. Unfortunately, we do not sell to individual customers outside of Japan.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. 

Thank you.

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