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Enhancing the body's natural healing abilities

In Japan, there is a form of medicine called "東洋医学, Touyou-Igaku, Traditional Oriental Medicine." 
Traditional Oriental Medicine aims to enhance the body's inherent natural healing abilities.
Unlike Western medicine, Traditional Oriental Medicine gently affects the entire body rather than directly targeting specific affected areas in the human body. It is expected to bring about fundamental improvements in one's condition.
In Traditional Oriental Medicine, there are various treatment methods, including herbal medicine and acupuncture. 
One of these methods is "Dietary Therapy," available to anyone, not just medical professionals.
It aims to enhance the body's natural healing abilities by improving daily dietary habits.

The modern lifestyle puts significant stress on our bodies. 
If you feel tired despite getting enough sleep, consuming excessive unhealthy fats might be a significant factor.

 If you struggle to stay energised and motivated, it could be related to the ineffective utilisation of carbohydrates in your body.
If you are troubled by spots or wrinkles, your skin may not be able to withstand UV rays effectively. 
If you find it difficult to stay emotionally stable, it could be due to living too disconnected from nature for an extended period. 
If you struggle with getting proper sleep, excessive exposure to artificial light might be a contributing factor.

It is not possible to escape from all such stress.
Therefore, we hope to have a body that can alleviate stress on its own.

HANATSUBAME is a health and beauty supplemental food focusing on the body's natural healing power. 
HANATSUBAME gently supports your body by simply adding it to your daily meals.


Protein and numerous other supplements are no longer needed.

The human body consists mainly of proteins and water.
Through transmitting electrical signals from the brain to the entire body via water, your body functions automatically, regardless of your conscious will.
No matter how much you try, you cannot stop your heart from beating.

Water, essential for transmitting electrical signals, is stabilised in place by proteins.
However, as we age, proteins become more prone to damage and gradually degrade.
As a result, decreased body hydration weakens the electrical signals, leading to slower bodily functions and diminished responses. This is what we call ageing.

To maintain proteins, glycans are essential.
HANATSUBAME contains 7 out of 8 glycans materials, including sialic acid.
The remaining component can be obtained from your daily diet, so consuming HANATSUBAME allows you to intake all the necessary materials for glycans.

Due to various stresses, the speed at which proteins break down has been increasing rapidly.

The conventional approach has been to compensate by consuming protein and large quantities of supplements.
However, no matter how much protein or supplements you take, it is meaningless without a "functional body" to utilise those components. It is like pouring nutrients into a container with holes; they will flow through the gaps.
Furthermore, nutrients entering a dysfunctional body become internal waste, further burdening the body.
It is essential to maintain proteins in good condition and ensure that your body is well-hydrated. With your body in such a state, you can obtain sufficient nutrition from your daily meals.
There are too many types of protein and supplements. 
You might feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to take.
If you feel so, try HANATSUBAME for one month. 


Age beautifully

When the body is not functioning correctly, protein is lost from areas unrelated to vital functions, such as the skin and hair.
Ageing individuals with firm and supple skin and glossy hair have bodies functioning well internally.  Being visually beautiful is synonymous with having a functional body.

In the field of cosmetic medicine, there is a growing trend to promote skin cell antioxidants as a means of inhibiting ageing.

In simple terms, antioxidation means "to solidify." Cells that have solidified cannot move, and metabolism does not occur.
When metabolism does not occur, water held by cells remains stagnant. Water stays clear when it flows. Without flow, water becomes cloudy. Naturally, electrical signals also cannot transmit properly.
Can we say that cloudy cells are beautiful even if one is at the youngest age right now?

New cells in the body are constantly being born while others are dying. 
The crucial aspect is not preventing oxidation; the continuous cycle of oxidation and reduction generates new cells and metabolises old skin cells into keratin.
The secret to maintaining beauty as we age lies in the continuous and proper functioning of the skin cell regeneration process.



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